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There's no such thing as "effectively PD" and you know it.
I'm not talking about abandonware, where a particular product is no longer being sold by the copyright holder. I'm referring to the case where the company itself has gone out of business and thus there is no copyright holder. Those are two different things.

>As I already stated, I wasn't recommending the GPL in particular, I was recommending to use any standardised free software license. I just brought up the GPL, because it's actually the one closest to your custom license.

What does it matter whether it is "standardized" or not? The licence I use is more "standardized" than eg. the AWeb Public Licence or the licence used by Handy, both of which AFAIK are only used by a single program. And it's different from the GPL in some important ways, otherwise I would have just used the GPL. If I send my licence off to be rubberstamped by some organization as "standardized", would it suddenly be a "free" licence, even though it was still word for word the same? Or, conversely, if the GPL's stamp of approval was suddenly withdrawn, would this suddenly make the GPL a "non-free licence"? Of course not. Whether a licence is more "free" or not is purely dependent on what the licence terms actually are, not on some approvals/standardization process.

Could you outline exactly what it is about my licence terms that is not "free"? The only people whose freedom is curtailed are those who would make a quick buck out of someone else's work, or those who would like to add various kinds of malware to it.

>Your stuff is not "free software", if one uses the definition that has been used for the last 15 years - I just pointed out you shouldn't call it free (as in "freedom", not as in "free beer")

It is free in both senses, whereas the GPL and similar licences don't even *try* to be free in one of the senses, and arguably fail to be free in the other sense. You can't just redefine "free" to mean only one thing when a quick glance at any dictionary shows that it means more than one thing.

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