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Originally Posted by Thorham View Post
You can jump high and low, argue for the rest of eternity, etc,

but if the author doesn't want to make their software open source, then it won't happen. Simple really.
What world are you guys living in? There are countless examples of Amiga software that's open source now because somebody approached the copyright holder and asked. And I, for one, am glad about it - because a lot of the software I used a decade ago only survived because of that (DOpus 4, Wookiechat/AmIRC, AmiFTP, FTPMount...).

wXR is simply asking for advice on how to do that in a way that increases his chances of convincing said author. Yet people keep telling him to shut up, they imply he's feeling an "incredible sense of entitlement" or that the mere thought of asking would be an insult...

Could everybody who thinks like that just leave this thread please? You're the ones being destructive here. wXR already demonstrated (several times) he's receptive to (constructive) criticism. If that's not an option for you, maybe you could open your own thread about how the terribly self-righteous, unwashed open source advocates are harrassing proper Amiga coders? Thank you.
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