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Originally Posted by Minuous View Post
That's a pity. Not sure whether I will be able to do anything about that
You won't. Like I said, the remark wasn't directed at you: WINE often works - sort of. I just brought it up since you kept mentioning WINE as an option for Linux/OS X users: it's an emergency stop-gap, not an option. Which was my original motivation for asking about your license, since it makes proper ports less likely IMHO.

>There are about ten game ROMs included with the distribution, what kind of license do these have?

The companies concerned are all out of business so they are effectively PD.
There's no such thing as "effectively PD" and you know it. But when reading this, I remembered another incident were you were hosting more recent, "effectively PD" things on your website (it even gut shut down at some point, didn't it?).

That would explain your different take on licenses, of course. If you tend to ignore other peoples licenses or IP rights when it suits you, you would naturally expect similar behaviour from others - while the GPL or other free software licenses tend to assume the best in people.

I didn't say "you know shit" or anything to that effect. Anyway, there are countless open source projects that are not GPL, eg. AWeb, Handy, MAME, MESS, Apache, etc.
As I already stated, I wasn't recommending the GPL in particular, I was recommending to use any standardised free software license. I just brought up the GPL, because it's actually the one closest to your custom license.

I don't see anyone saying that those programs aren't open source.
Of course your stuff is open source. I was talking about free software, not open source. Your stuff is not "free software", if one uses the definition that has been used for the last 15 years - I just pointed out you shouldn't call it free (as in "freedom", not as in "free beer"), because that's misleading. In the manual you actually use the term "open source freeware", that's a lot better - i.e. more precise - IMHO.
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