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Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey View Post
No perogative. No obligation. Yet you keep going on and on and on and on like a spoiled child who didn't get exactly what they want for Christmas. If people want to release their source they'll do it, if they don't then they don't. They don't need to justify it or need "facts" to prove them wrong. Give it a rest.
Sorry Graham, but I'm not going to "give it a rest". This thread is specifically about the advantages and disadvantages of free software. If you or anyone else desires not to participate in this thread, then indeed, you need not.

Originally Posted by commodorejohn View Post
You mean like how some people might decided to keep their code to themselves for reasons other than monetary profit, and thus might not be instantly induced to share it because a guy on a forum told them they weren't making any money anyway? MADNESS!!!
Same for you commodorejohn, you've already made your point. Rather than enter the domain of trolling, how about adding some substance to your argument? A few people have already made legitimate points, such as the fact that "managing" a community of developers can theoretically be distracting, that someone may wish to have eternal full control over a given product, and that the quality of their code may simply make one look bad. Do you have any further thoughts about it? "Someone might not want to" is really not worth writing down, because, well, obviously...
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