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3.0.0 released, with three new platforms: FreeBSD, Haiku, Solaris and several changes:
- Static, wired in IFF header replaced with dynamic IFF generator.
- Static, wired in Wav header parsing replaced with a generic Wav parsing unit.
- Static, wired in arguments replaced with the same argument processor, like in PNG2ILBM.
- Bogus VHDR volume fixed, Reggae on MorphOS now can play the resulting files.
- Missing octave fixed, ProTracker now can import the resulting files.
- Optimizations, some percentage faster on non 2^n channel number and a lot faster if the channel number can be divided by 2.

The program got heavier by cca. 8 kByte, but it's faster, have less bugs and have a much more cleaner design inside, so i think it's not that drastic.

Oh, and it got a site like PNG2ILBM, it's here:

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