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Originally Posted by Korodny View Post
I tried WinArcadia under WINE now. It works, including joystick support.. But after having the window open in the background for about a minute, its contents start 'bleeding' into all other windows heavily.
That's a pity. Not sure whether I will be able to do anything about that as I don't run Linux so can't reproduce it. Probably needs a fix to WINE.

>There are about ten game ROMs included with the distribution, what kind of license do these have?

The companies concerned are all out of business so they are effectively PD.

>Granted, lots of people don't like the GPL. But if the major players in the free/libre software movement - who, in the eye of the public, have been defining the meaning of the term "free software" for decades - say that you're not free by their definition (i.e. the definition the rest of the world uses), answering "you know shit" might not be a good idea.

I didn't say "you know shit" or anything to that effect. Anyway, there are countless open source projects that are not GPL, eg. AWeb, Handy, MAME, MESS, Apache, etc. (Obviously a lot of people don't like the GPL and don't want to use it.) I don't see anyone saying that those programs aren't open source. I don't accept Stallman and other assorted toejam-eaters as being specially entitled to redefine what common English words and phrases mean. Like I said, it is much less free to force someone to write a letter, mail their payment (for something that is meant to be "free"!), and then wait weeks/months to receive anything, just to see the source code of the (supposedly "free") software they have paid for.
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