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Originally Posted by Minuous View Post
I meant Ami/WinArcadia...the games currently don't have network support, but it could be added fairly easily.
I tried WinArcadia under WINE now. It works, including joystick support.. But after having the window open in the background for about a minute, its contents start 'bleeding' into all other windows heavily. WINE is nice to have in case of an emergency, but most of the time it's not a solution for everday use. I'm not critisizing you, obviously. Just saying.

There are about ten game ROMs included with the distribution, what kind of license do these have?

There's nothing magic about GPL that it is "free software" and nothing else is.
Nothing "magical", no. But 30 years of experience, several court battles plus the defacto standard for free/libre software licenses.

the GPL is flawed in my opinion for the reasons stated above so
Granted, lots of people don't like the GPL. But if the major players in the free/libre software movement - who, in the eye of the public, have been defining the meaning of the term "free software" for decades - say that you're not free by their definition (i.e. the definition the rest of the world uses), answering "you know shit" might not be a good idea.
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