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Originally Posted by arti View Post
Alt key stays pressed on emulation side when switching windows.
I think you need a bit more information because normal ALT-TAB "works for me". (fullscreen only? both? Neither? chipset mode or rtg or both?)

(btw, you also forgot to mention if it has anything to do with 3.1 betas..)

Originally Posted by AVH_2009 View Post
Another way i try´d now.
I use the portable mode and now i have switched it off!

Thats it!!! Now i can load all configs and the setting are correct now!

That means there must be a little bug in the portable mode.

Toni?!? If you wish, i try to make a smal video to demonstrate the fails.
I normally hate video demonstrations. Check first that you have correct Paths in paths panel. They are only reset when switching mode for the first time.
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