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Originally Posted by DH View Post
I love this one! I bought it for my birthday almost 20 years ago My brother broke just two-three weeks later it by playing one of those "left-right-left-right-as-fast-as-you-can" games (Eskimo Games). I was SO sad... but luckily enough I was able to finally buy another one two years ago and the microswitches are just as clicky as I remembered

It's a super-comfy joystick, really love it.

Originally Posted by MrCheese View Post
The konix speedking was for me the worst joystick ever. Couldn't even work out how to hold the damn thing properly never mind use it. My brother thought it was the best joystick ever.
I've had one recently and while not a complete train-wreck, certainly makes you think "what were they thinking!"
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