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Originally Posted by Cylon View Post
Yeah, that makes perfect sense: Not storing the aplha channel in an IFF chunk while PNG uses the very same chunk mechanism but instead creating an additional file in a non-common format with probably bigger file size.
It makes a lot more sense then storing the alpha channel in an IFF chunk that not a single program can (and likely never will) use. Furthermore, I suggested it as an option, so that the alpha channel can obtained as an 8bit gray scale BMP (easy file format, easy to use), and is not simply lost (and also the original 24bit color data).

BMP is of course very common in that it can be read by just about every image processing software in existence. This includes 8bit per pixel palette and gray scale images. BMP is anything but uncommon.

So, yes, it makes perfect sense. Whether or not jsr wants to implement it or not, is up to jsr.
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