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Originally Posted by Minuous View Post
But it already has joystick and network support...!?
I didn't think WINE supported joysticks, but I'm not an avid WINE user. Apologies if I misremembered that.

WormWars and your strategy games have network multiplayer support? I doubt that.

it can be freely distributed, freely modified, forked, etc...
It's neither freely distributable nor freely modifiable/forkable because you have clauses restricting these options. That's okay, just don't call it "free software", because it simply doesn't match the widespread definition of free software.

I get that you're trying to prevent things you deem morally questionable. But where do you draw the line? Your license forbids me to put DRM or "online activation" into your code, but what about displaying ads while the game is running? What about making it postcardware? What about sending game and/or computer statistics to a server of mine? What about using it to design or manufacture weaponry? What about using it in a gay wedding ceremony?

(disclaimer: I have zero problems with gay wedding ceremonies. Just saying if you do, you might want to put that into the license )

In fact it is considerably freer IMO than GPL etc. GPL permits profiteering and also permits software to be distributed without source code.
The freedom to profiteer is a freedom aswell. Taking that away from your users doesn't equal "making it more free". GPL does allow you to distribute without source - that clause stems from a time when downloads where very slow and disk space very valuable. You always have to make source code of GPL'ed software available on request though, which for practical purposes is the same as forcing people to distribute it alongside the binaries.

So GPL is not a licence that respects the rights of the users and developers, frankly.
You can argue that it might not respect the developer's rights (a lot of people do, actually), but no sane person could argue it doesn't respect the user's rights. It's called "copyleft" for a reason.

Actually, not only could it happen, but it has actually happened in this case.
Somebody stole your code? Can you be more specific?

I don't see why you "can't use them" as there's nothing in the licence that would prevent ports to Linux or any other platform.
I'm not good enough to port them myself, and most people good enough aren't interested due to the license. While a lot of other crap is available to me at a single mouse click, simply because it's free software.


Just to make it clear: I wasn't actually recommending GPL I was recommending a standard license instead of a custom job. You don't like GPL? Pick LGPL, AGPL, BSD, Apache, Mozilla, CC-BY, CC-BY-SA, CC-BY-SA-NC or any other of the dozens of standardised and well known licenses available out there.

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