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Originally Posted by Korodny View Post
It also makes it completely impossible to merge your code with other (free) code - think about joystick or network support on Windows/OS X/Linux, for example.
But it already has joystick and network support...!?

Your code could theoretically still be adapted to SDL (since that is LGPL), which makes creating and maintaining lots of ports much easier (including automatic joystick/joypad support, which your emulator wouldn't have on WINE right now)

All the reports I have seen indicate that it works fine with WINE...I'm not running Linux/OSX so can't confirm that myself. The WinArcadia code is pretty straightforward and isn't doing anything nonstandard/undocumented, so if WINE has some issue, probably the fix needs to be in WINE rather than the emulator.

I really don't see how using SDL would improve anything for the users. It already runs on OS3, OS4, MOS, Windows and (via WINE) Linux and MacOS...(it might make an AROS port more feasible, but really AROS needs ReAction support instead of everyone dumbing down their apps to suit it). WinArcadia has a full proper native Windows GUI, AmiArcadia has a full proper native ReAction GUI.

but since it's not free software
It is free software: it is available for free, it can be freely distributed, freely modified, forked, etc...I don't rely on Stallman and/or Raymond to tell me whether my software is free. In fact it is considerably freer IMO than GPL etc. GPL permits profiteering and also permits software to be distributed without source code. So GPL is not a licence that respects the rights of the users and developers, frankly.

That's just not going to happen with a GPL release of a an exotic emulator or a few smaller games. There is some abuse of the GPL, but we're talking Chinese hardware manufacturers stealing BIOS code here, not simple entertainment software.
Actually, not only could it happen, but it has actually happened in this case.

But despite them being open source, I can't use them because actually porting a game to Linux is more than I'm capable of and nobody else is going to bother due to the license.
I don't see why you "can't use them" as there's nothing in the licence that would prevent ports to Linux or any other platform. (Except that an iOS version would probably not be feasible as IIRC Apple don't allow open source software (nor emulators), but that's Apple's problem really.)
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