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Originally Posted by FOL View Post
How do you get around the new external storage lock down. I hate the new way they have screwed android up.
You buy a phone and cant even install updates, because they made storage virtual and stopped write access to sd card, .
I had to jump through hoops to hack it and symlink folders and give sd card write access.
Well, you buy an Iphone and you can't even insert an SD card. They're completely non-expandable

Anyway, I use the free app File Manager to navigate everywhere and do anything I need with files (for me, it's just for running .apk installs that I've compiled and dragged over).

Under Settings > Storage you should see a chart of your usage and: Mount SD Card, Mount USB storage, Transfer data to SD Card - the last one is prompted automatically when the card is getting full. You get no warning on Iphone 6 though.

KitKat seems to be trouble though. Advice is to reformat the card from the factory FAT32 filesystem with newer one, then apps updated for the KitKat release will be able to write to the SD card again.

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