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Originally Posted by Asman View Post
Cave, Robbo, Solo Flight have status PD. Few years ago I emailed with Korin (author ) and he said that status is Public Domain for Cave, Robbo, Solo Flight.
Thanks, moved the packages to Aminet (after some clean up) and updated the links in the above post accordingly.

Originally Posted by wXR View Post
How much dollar value is actually wrapped up into OS4?
A lot. But the real problem is not the money that would be required, it's the legal mess. Hyperion has distribution rights, but they don't own the sources - these are owned by Cloanto (for the 3.1 stuff) and the respective authors (for all the improvements since 3.1) - most of which are more or less at war with Hyperion.

Was 4.x written from scratch, or does it contain legacy code?
It's based on 3.1, plus all of the components from 3.5/3.9 they could get their hands on (Reaction, improved Workbench etc.).

What I wonder is, would it be possible for us collectively to do something like a Kickstarter with the goal of buying full rights to AmigaOS
Not going to happen. And there's an open source reimplementation already available, better use that as a basis.
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