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On the other hand in users point of view they use 030/040/060 since 15-20 years and not 020. Maybe it is just an individual choice/experience. E.g. with my 040 (FPU/MMU) almost everything works fine. Hence, for me a 020 system would be less compatible then a 040 system. Hence, I would need to make it 020 compatible.
Only very old software (tools) have problems with 020+. For games/demos there is WHDLoad. A 68000 fall back is nice but I won`t care much. For me FPGA Arcade, Mist, Minimig are more or less the same "toys" that may replace A500(+)/A600. So the specs are ok for that goal. An A1200/A4000 replacement need of course other specs. As you can see that is all about individual.
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