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Originally Posted by AnnaWu View Post
WINUAE support following controller ROMs which are hard to find:

GVP Series I ROM v1.0 (16k).rom [size: 16384] [CRC32: 1a4c20aa] [SHA1: b9a3377e2d9b516328693c6319ffb65b40ae3618]
GVP Series I ROM v1.0 (8k)[even].rom [size: 8192] [CRC32: 27f15785] [SHA1: 1a71a78ddd4e95590f133bba4a71122f44caef78]
GVP Series I ROM v1.0 (8k)[odd].rom [size: 8192] [CRC32: a723193e] [SHA1: 05b4a072785c782454e003c36d88bd9bf5f561b9]

"GVP Series I ROM v1.0 (16k).rom" isn't a real ROM image; it's a combined version of the two separate even and odd ROMs.

Are these ROMs still protected under copyright?
They are still under copyright of course, but it's likely that whoever owns the copyrights doesn't even know that, or doesn't care.
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