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Controller ROMs

WINUAE support following controller ROMs which are hard to find:

GVP Series I ROM v1.0 (16k).rom [size: 16384] [CRC32: 1a4c20aa] [SHA1: b9a3377e2d9b516328693c6319ffb65b40ae3618]
GVP Series I ROM v1.0 (8k)[even].rom [size: 8192] [CRC32: 27f15785] [SHA1: 1a71a78ddd4e95590f133bba4a71122f44caef78]
GVP Series I ROM v1.0 (8k)[odd].rom [size: 8192] [CRC32: a723193e] [SHA1: 05b4a072785c782454e003c36d88bd9bf5f561b9]

Kupke Golem ROM v3.9 (16k).rom [size: 16384] [CRC32: 49157dd0] [SHA1: 03b615c92befa474a37303cadc3e830d3c0d9a9f]
Kupke Golem ROM v3.9 (8k)[even].rom [size: 8192] [CRC32: 88cf2ec5] [SHA1: 59680f8dae520893ff9ada35ac9a11464f87453c]
Kupke Golem ROM v3.9 (8k)[odd].rom [size: 8192] [CRC32: 713298ad] [SHA1: 2ad7d6f3d696fd2c51a256eeea185c4752906e04]

Archos ADD-500 v1.21 (16k).rom [size: 16384] [CRC32: 3f4e4a74] [SHA1: 9ed96fc0d6381dc33192b0afdfae4b74576c3a69]

Are these ROMs still protected under copyright?

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