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I used the rawread program to make images of some diskspare disks last night....unfortunately I still couldn't get the adfs to mount in Workbench (under WinUAE) I suspect it may be an emulation problem (thats not a criticisim) though - perhaps similar to the way images of some copy protected games fail because of disk-timing problems?

I also used rawread to try and copy some of my protected games and some got as far as loading screens etc, which suggests to me that the images themselves aren't bad. Then again, I'm no expert

Oh well, I'll post the coverdisks I have which aren't on the net - I always think its nice to have coverdisks. Back in the day when I thought the Amiga would last forever I often formatted mine when I was short of disks - if it wasn't for the net I'd never see these disks again
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