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Originally Posted by Adrian Browne View Post
Vampire 1200. Let's hope so. I may need to buy it though I'm more chuffed about an apollo board or vampy 500 for my Amiga 500.

Still, the best laid plans...
If and when it comes for the A1200 it will likely be an improvement over the 600 v2 version. It probably wont have the same size constraints, so quite possibly more RAM, maybe an even bigger FPGA, and who knows if they could fit some more surprises on to it. (USB controller? :-))
Anyhoo... I'll be getting one of those too but I ordered the 600 for 3 reasons.
1. Support the developers
2. Its pretty damn cool to turn the old A600 into something useful.
3. I get to play with the FPGA and its features without having to hold my breath for a 1200 version (we all know that waiting is frustrating).
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