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The i3-4005U CPU is a performance constrained processor targetted at low-cost, low-power applications.
Turning off Hyper-threading will give you a 5-10% boost in single threaded apps.
Turning off C-states (or IDLE settings) can give you a big 30% boost particularly in a laptop (at the expense of greatly reduced battery life).
The VT-x and VT-d might be listed as "Intel Virtualization Technologies" in your BIOS and should be set to "Disabled".
These low cost laptops often are limited to Single-channel memory (particularly if it only has one DIMM slot). Not sure of the G40 specifically but if it supports dual-channel it might be good to add a second DIMM of the same size (the i3 CPU for sure supports dual-channel but some vendors do not include this in the entire design).
Another thing of note is that "cheat engines" often rely on lots of real-time memory scanning which may really cripple the overall emulator performance. This is amplified if running single-channel memory settings and also if there are other realtime memory scanning processes running such as anti-virus programs.
As always, the best bet for most emulators is the fastest single-core performance possible. A desktop i3 such as the i3-4330 makes WinUAE fly (as does the awesome little Pentium G3258 which I am a huge fan of).
Good luck!

Intel has specs for your CPU here:

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