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Originally Posted by wXR View Post
Anyway, I posted those links here for guidance -- to ask, how to answer to these kinds of responses -- not to shame anyone. Sorry if it appeared that way.
You're pointing fingers and that's going to bite you in the ass later on, because people witnessing that aren't likely to answer future inquiries from you. And it does look like a very impolite thing to do (i.e. "witchhunt") even if it isn't meant that way.

I think you should remove those links again. If you want guidance, use examples of responses you got without mentioning names.

There's not much you can do anyway, other than politely ask and maybe point out that others did the same already and what their experience turned out to be. You simply have to accept that people in the Amiga community aren't very fond of the idea of "sharing code" - I've seen people complain about about the "GPL/BSD lunatics" for decades - people that used BSD licensed TCP stacks, font libraries and JPEG decoders and compiled their code using gcc. I guess that kind of mindset is shaped by growing up in a home computer/cracking scene environment and watching incompetent idiots fight about the Amiga remnants for ages.

The only thing you can do is create some positive vibe that might entice others to join in on the 'fun'. I always wanted to do a website that collects information about open source Amiga games, and tracks/celebrates whatever things are done with said code.
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