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WinUAE R6 problemo report

Well thanks again to Toni and everyone else involved with winuae for the continual release of new versions. Just installed the latest R6 and I'm here to report a few problems I've been having for a while now.

A500 emulation seems nailed - never do I experience problems playing A500 games form adfs. Where I seem to find issues is under HD emulation (whdload games and workbench) and when JIT CPU's are running. So here are a few problemos:

1) Under the cpu options tab, the setting fastest possible but maintain chipset timing doesn't work for non-jit cpus, like the 680EC20 for instance. It seems to plod along at A500 pace. In order to get decent speed, you have to select the "adjust between" slider.

2) Running certain WHDload games causes issues with JIT cpu's. Shown below is a screen shot of Turrican 2, WHDload version, running off a HDF workbench 3.0 setup. The one on the left is with a non-JIT 68EC020 and the one on the right a JIT 68020. The sound is also corrupt with the JIT CPU enabled. Tried changing other options such as opengl, aga/ecs but the corruption remains - definitely seems to be the JIT cpu.

Athlon XP 1.33Ghz
256MB 266Mhz DDR
KT266A chipset
Geforce 2 GTS

Ok, that's enough of a headache for one day.
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