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Originally Posted by Konrad View Post
Any news on this project ? Would love to know if there's been some progress since the last update. Or did development come to a halt ?
Still going strong - I'm sure this thing will be finished to some extent by the end of the year and am keeping a low profile with it. Been busy with other things but the hardest part is finished, something of it all will become a reality, I've put too much time into it to drop it all now.

Originally Posted by lesta_smsc View Post
Speaking of Streets of Rage. I never did play that... might have to give it a go! Original Mega Drive version or is there a better port elsewhere?
Originally Posted by edd_jedi View Post
Skip the first one, just play the Mega Drive version of SOR2. It doesn't get any better, still my all-time favourite sideways scrolling beat em up.
For me, SOR 1 is somewhere between Golden Axe and Final Fight - worth a play if you can find it. SOR 2 is a beast of a game, especially if you can find someone to play it with. Better than FF? Well, for me the jury is out, yes there are more moves etc. but to me the gameplay always felt less technical - though I think only a true street fighter 2 nerd would understand! No doubt that Sega had a wealth of experience and knew what they were doing in terms of making the most from the MD's power though; and It's no pushover either, which is always good for scrolly beat-em ups.

Edit: The brave souls who were interested in playtesting this I'll PM you, I put this here as I think one of you hasn't been on the board for a while.

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