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As far as I understand, WinUAE 0.8.22R6 should be capable of adressing the data on this hard disc directly, if connected to the SCSI port of my PC with Windows XP, right
Yes. All storage devices supported by Windows (IDE, SCSI, maybe even zip drives and memory cards)

but not in the Windows XP Explorer
Of course not. There is no Amiga filesystem driver(s) for Windows.

And I can also not choose it in the WinUAE configuration?
Do you mean clicking "Add Harddrive"-button opens empty menu?

What's wrong with it? Can you, please, help me?
Start WinUAE, go to Hard Drives-page, click "Add Harddrive", close WinUAE, post reply with contents of winuaebootlog.txt from your winuae folder.
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