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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
Edit: (If you meant mini ITX then it will fit nicely on one side and leave about 9cm of space the other way. Dimensions are 17cm x 8cm x ~3.5 cm.)
I once had a thought about buying a broken A1200, rip out everything except the keyboard, mount the replay mobo + keyboard adapter and possibly other stuff supported (original floppy in theory). ;-)
Or a small custom case (retro-look) would be nice.
Was thinking ITX.. you're right the ATX would be overkill LOL. Glad to know it fits in an ITX case.

Do I need an adapter to connect it to an ATX PSU?

I have a spare A1200 case and keyboard, not sure if the keyboard still works though. But I can just see it all setup, would be the perfect replacement.

Originally Posted by JimDrew View Post
You would need to chat with Mike about the cost of these items. I only sell to North America (that is our agreement). The daughter board is getting a few small changes (from what I have heard), but the basic board is done and works. I am not sure when they will be available. To me, an 060 makes no sense with the speed we can get now with FPGA.
Will the reply run 060 demos? How does it compare to a real A1200 running a 060@80MHz?

If it can replace my towered A1200 then I'm keen, although I'd miss the Voodoo 5500 and the 320MB RAM :-/

But its aging so I need to replace it with something, temperamental old girl that it is.

Actually, I goofed when I typed HDMI. The Replay comes with a DVI port,
This is good to hear, have a monitor sitting here ready to go :-)
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