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Um, if folks are after 'fresh interviews' i've notched up a few.They are very raw in terms of proof-reading etc, as i do them just for love of the subject material/to help various sites/publications out, but you can find them here:
Also had a few featured in:

With i think another 5 sent over, yet to be featured.Another in hands of Atari Age, yet to go up, plus a further 3 sat with Greyfox for ST Gamer Vol 2.

:-( Not a huge amount of Amiga coders as i was initally an Atari 520STFM owner, only really got into the Amiga with the A1200, so my questions have been either ST or various consoles based, but hopefully something of interest for anyone looking for fresh names/faces and fresh questions put to the more familar faces.

Few more in the pipeline for 2015.
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