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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
UAE4Droid. Earlier versions were crap, but the author retooled it about a year ago and its very easy to use with ADF images.

Its not as technically competant as UAE4ALL, but frankly, i'm no fan of that APP, its not as intuitive to get running, UAE4Droid you can be booting an Amiga game in ten seconds if that from the first click of the icon.
PUAE is not to bad once you get it setup, plus it supports RTG / internet.
I use it to mirror my current real A1200 setup for gaming.

Originally Posted by Photon View Post
- Their Wifi is broken so you have to toggle Wifi all the time cos it won't switch to 4G when it breaks.
- IOS 7 broke push notifications completely. Not a biggie!!
- IOS 7/8 made everything look like flat Windows 8 crap, taking Apple from previously a developer of nice looking UIs to a company that doesn't know the first thing about UI design
- with every OS update the phone got more and more like molasses
- some phones brick by updating the OS. Not a biggie!!
- pathetic 2001 earphones with joke sound quality
- Apple completely messed up their account handling with ICloud and App Store
- When you've sorted the accounts, you get incessant popups asking password. It can't even remember it for 5 minutes.

- just plug it in, drag your music and movies to the folder window that pops up.
- not a single problem for 2 years. I'm not kidding.

The stability factor is pure fantasy. I'm glad I switched, I have a trouble-free phone now. I don't even have to think about it, it just works.
How do you get around the new external storage lock down. I hate the new way they have screwed android up.
You buy a phone and cant even install updates, because they made storage virtual and stopped write access to sd card, .
I had to jump through hoops to hack it and symlink folders and give sd card write access.
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