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Originally Posted by jsr View Post
Why not?I may misunderstood, but do you suggesting that i should reduce the bitdepth to 12-bit before quantization?
Well, from my perspective it seem to be obvious that as AGA and OCS/ECS use different bitdepth then different approach to create CLUT is necessary.
Going for 12 bit allow avoid losing some CLUT entries.

Originally Posted by jsr View Post
Straight approach. I quantize the palette to 5-bit (2-32 colours), then i create the imaginary second palette over the index of 32 and then i just use the extended table in the eucledian colour search with the imaginary colors too.
I see - this will be question - not sure if this approach is correct - perhaps it should be like - reduce pixel level by half, count optimal 32 CLUT (half bright)?

Side to this i hope You are aware of this new class of algorithms:
Probably they are to slow for native Amiga but for modern CPU they provide splendid results.
And Thank You Very Much!
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