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This game is an absolute blast! As soon as the multitap came out my friends and I invested in loads of multiplayer games to augment or beer driven sessions. Games such as Hogs of War, Crash Racing, Quake 2 and Bomberman provided hours of fun.

Out of all the mutiplayer games however, Micro Machines V3 was always my favourite. Being a 5 player game (no-one sharing joypads) with all the action taking place on a single screen rather than split boxes makes all the difference and a true classic. What I like about it most is that it plays like a 2D game - simple controls and immediate playability. The weapons are great and just watching people get gradually worse at driving as the beer kicks in is rather funny - you can soon pick out the light weights!

One of the cleverest features however is the seemingly random shortcut you can get away with. Normally, you have to stay on or at least near the track to stay in the race. Sometimes however, you can get away with a ludicrous shortcut that has everyone cursing your very existence whilst leaving a huge grin on your mush as you mock the lagging field! These short cuts don't always work, so it's a calculated risk! Then there are neat touches like the infamous lily pad, where you can have huge battles trying to push other contenders into a pond as it floats slowly across the water. The tracks are just great. Brilliant stuff!

Problem is everyone has moved onto x-boxs and gamecubes but have yet to get decent multiplayer games for these machines.

So we still whack out the PSX when we all get together, as it's the true daddy for some multiplayer mayhem!
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