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Originally Posted by lurch View Post
Any news on the daughter boards? If I was to purchase what would it cost with the ATX back plate and adapter?

Would love to put in some sort of ATX/ITX case.

So I'd need to purchase an HDMI to DVI adapter?
You would need to chat with Mike about the cost of these items. I only sell to North America (that is our agreement). The daughter board is getting a few small changes (from what I have heard), but the basic board is done and works. I am not sure when they will be available. To me, an 060 makes no sense with the speed we can get now with FPGA.

I have mine in a micro-ATX case, which also fits a 5.25" floppy drive and a 3.5" floppy drive. It's a perfect setup really.

Actually, I goofed when I typed HDMI. The Replay comes with a DVI port, and you can use either DVI analog or digital modes, and use a DVI->HDMI adapter. I have been using a HDMI connection recently for testing which is why I had HDMI on the brain. Normally, I connect it to my DVI monitor.
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