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Most efficient way to cool a MC 68060 CPU?

Hey there ;-)
So about the 060... The old PGA packaging (and material used for it) that was used at the time is not the easiest to cool efficiently. [emoji14]
Curiously, even the first mask/ version (XC...) which is manufactured at 0.6um runs pretty fine @50MHz with no cooler. But even the latest mask manufactured at 0.42um will need a cooler @75Mhz and probably a heat sink @66MHz.

Question to those of you out there who have experimented with various coolers / sinks etc.. What is the best way too cool a (latest mask) 68060 if you want to overclock it? (Rumours on The Internets have it that 106MHz has been reached by some dude)
(And how high can you go without increasing voltage?)

First, whats the "best cooling trick" any category.. (Heat sink? Fan? Dry Ice? Water Cooling? Liquid Nitrogen? Magic beans? etc..?)
Second: Best cooling when it's sitting on an Apollo 1260 in a desktop Amiga 1200 case (space is tight under that keyboard..).

Cheers and thanx

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