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Micro Machines V3

I got this game today as a birthday gift for my PSX (I also got Syphon Filter 3 and G-Darius )

The game is a blast. I am a big fan of the Amiga game, and I was a bit disapointed with the sequel (Not released on Amiga AFAIK).

This one has 3D graphics, but it plays a lot more like the original one with power ups. Yes, for the first time, Micro Machines has power ups that can picked up in the track, like missiles, a hammer to smash your opponent or a claw to pull your enemy back. They work better than in most games of its genre, and they don't appear too much, so they never are the main reason of winning.

And as Micro Machines seasoned players know, the main attraction in the game is the multiplayer mode. And it's just great on this one.

It has all the modes from Micro Machines 2, plus you can have Time Trial tournaments (To be honest, rather boring), and you can play in the "Share Controller mode" . That's the best mode in the whole game.

With 2 controllers, you can play with 4 players at once, one using the left side of the joypad (the D-Pap) and the other using the right side of the joypad (The Buttons). Each controller is a "team" (If you had to play against the guy sharing the controller with you, you would probably pull the controller from him or something like that ). Then it's just like 2 players Micro Machines, but with 4 players . If your car gets dissapears of the screen for being to slow, you are out of that round. The last team standing is the one who gets the point, then it starts all over again (Very much like the original Micro Machines)

Now I am saving to get the 4-joypads adapter. With it, you can play with EIGHT players at once.

The only drawback of the game is that sometimes the frame rate drops in the middle of a race. It's not that bad, but it may annoy you sometimes. Oh, and I would like to see more different terrains, but you can't have everything

If you are a fan of Micro Machines, and has a PSX, I recommemd this game. (I think it also has a N64 version. The share controller mode would be even better, as the N64 controller is much bigger)
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