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Wow. What a great question... A bit like "do you believe in God?" But with an answer other people would like to hear

1. Any of the flicker-free games on the ZX80. So long as they're played on original hardware. A real demonstration of making a device do what it shouldn't. This train of thought led to coders making the Amiga do what it shouldn't to a much greater degree.

2. Doom. Not the first of a genre, but definitely the definition of a genre.

3. Archipelagos. The Amiga version. Just play it. Alone. You'll see what it means....

4. GTA. Any of them. But Vice City is the best and shows what happens when you get Ray Liotta to voice your character.

5. Final Fantasy VII - Playstation. Block a few weeks of calendar off and play this. Get some kleenex for the last bit!

I'll probably wake up at 2am with a load more.. too many more..
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