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Human Killing Machine (Amiga).

Playing that one would be a free alternative to euthanasia. :

Ahem. Joking aside.....

Difficult to narrow this down (and of course, subjective, as OldB0y mentions) but I'd say:

The Settlers (Amiga) - One of my all-time favorites that I spent many hours, if not weeks, playing. I'd play this one again. Or even just lay there and watch everything evolve via the demo.

GTA5 - Need a decent PC to play this seeing as I've completed all the other GTA games on my current PC.

Super Mario Bros 3 (SNES) - What?! I'm serious! I never had a SNES first time around (my brother had one though but he lived 130 miles from me) and I'd like to complete this one via emulation of course.

Resident Evil 2 or RE: Code Veronica(Playstation One) - Cracking versions imho. Just got to remember not to have the volume up too loud.
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