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Originally Posted by pandy71 View Post
2 steps quantization - 24 bit to 12 bit (and error distribution) then 12 bit to CLUT size.
That's what it's doing. Or what do you mean?
Originally Posted by Leffmann View Post
Thanks, the ability to preserve color registers is particularly useful. Any chance for Mac OS X and Windows binaries? I could help you build them if you're not too protective of the sources.
There will be a Mac OS X version of course, for both PPC and intel Mac. (Check the download table.) I will get an OS X PPC installer very soon, then i will install FreeBSD PPC and Mac OS X PPC on my MDD and then i'll build binaries for them. For intel Mac, when i will get one, there will be support for it.

The source is closed, sorry.

Edit: If you have tips, how to breathe life into an intel OS X under Virtual Box or VMware, then maybe i don't need a real intel Mac.

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