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I feel I must play "When Two Worlds War" AGA before I kick off. Although I'm not real keen on turn-based / resource management type games, this one appeals to me for some reason. Maybe it's the in-depth, real time aspect of the management engine that seems fascinating. Here's a link of a reviewer that exposes some of the weaknesses of the game ... The review is probably spot-on but I gotta try it. Has anyone else played thru this game? I would like to know your thoughts as well. Thx! BTW, has anyone been interested in getting a WHDLoad version created of this game? I can't get the AGA ADFs game to display correctly (installed to HDD) with my Indivision AGA MKII - the OCS/ECS ADF version works fine on the A500 w/Indi ECS. Oh, and I must try Millenium 2.2! I just started playing it for the first time the other night... didn't get far though in the 90 minutes I played it.

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