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Originally Posted by LordNipple View Post
I am looking for someone who is capable of converting an .adf of our p.d game to a physical disk. The .adf has never been on an actual disk yet as our game was updated in emulation (Renegades Deluxe ).
Is there someone who can help me please and how much would that person charge for this service? I would prefer someone in the U.K as I am in the U.K, and would be looking to keep postage costs sensible.
I have looked into doing it myself but I am beyond useless at this sort of thing.
I am wanting an actual disk version of our game so I can make myself a Big-Box physical copy for my shelf for posterity based on the same style box as Gods (with the slip front).

Thanks very much to anyone wishing to help me in this.
Glad you got it sorted. But if you need anything similar in the future, I'm happy for you to PM me regarding request. I can also create a disk label if needed
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