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Originally posted by Twistin'Ghost
Yeah, I've thought about this, too. One copy and it will end up in TOSEC and EMC will be finished with sales to all but the most isolated (and gullible) individuals. Count me in!
The people smart enough to search for more then 5 minutes will know about tosec, and those that keep looking will find people with the actual files.

BUT, if you think about it there is a huge group of people spreading run of the mill PC games all over the internet and maybe 95% of PC users who want them have no clue about where to find them. So I would venture to say that the poeple who know where to get TOSEC already are few in number and wont pay somebody at EMC a single euro anyway. The people who dont know about TOSEC will still gladly pay for the download. I dont think anybody at EMC is losing sleep over TOSEC getting their cd.
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