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Originally Posted by Ian View Post
Dopus 4 sources were released and there was maybe 2 updates 5 years ago and nothing since.
DOpu4 sources have been available since around 2000, and the program was actively developed for about half of the time since then. The last update (bugfixes) was this year.

Suppport for long file names and big file sizes and partitions, popup menus, internal support for handling dozens of archive types or file crunchers, support for new icon formats, new internal commands, literally hundreds of optimisations and important fixes...

There are a lot of examples for source releases that didn't have much (if any) effect on the actual application. But DOpus certainly isn't such an example, it's a success story.

I really think you over estimate the popularity of the platform for programmers, I imagine the enthusiasts are working on their own stuff already and anyone else has already moved on to current platforms
Let's assume that is true (one could argue there's still some life in the retro gaming area for the Amiga), there are still plenty of reasons to have a program's source code released:

1. somebody might want to port it to another platform. Not very likely for GUI based apps - but I could really use a decent AmigaGuide -> HTML converter on Linux, for example. And there's plenty of Amiga games out there which are tremendous fun but would benefit a lot from not being tied to proprietary ROMs and an emulator that requires intimate knowledge of a 30 year old computer platform. Plus smoother integration with the host platform (proper task names/icons on your desktop, standard shortcuts for going fullscreen, location of save games...) or actual improvements to the gameplay...

2. sources for word processors, spreadsheet and similar business applications could be useful for people trying to reverse engineer their document formats, e.g. because they want to write an import filter for the libraries of the document liberation project.

3. historical research. the sources for Photoshop 1.0, 8 bit MS Basic and earlier DOS versions have been made available in the last few years. They're certainly not useful for anything these days, but there are people interested in studying old code.
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