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I hope Speedball doesn't get the lion's share in this book, I also don't like they put it on the book cover, and on the video showing only one screen of Gods, and screen after screen of Speedball, I never liked speedball, and sports games in general.

Gods for me would be a better cover.

I hope they show a lot of Gods illustrations, and answer things like:
- how they came up with the idea of doing a platformer,
- why the greek setting?
- how they came up with the puzzle part of it,
- who decided how the main caracter jumps?
- why they choose the jump to be not controllable once in the air (that is your the main player can't redress it's jump trajectory, this is a great gameplay choice for this game),
- why only 4 levels?
- Any unused sprites or monsters that were either sketched or even made but dropped? - How the enemmi AI was programmed,
- who programmed what (who programmed Gods editor, who programmed AI, who did gameplay programming, who was in charge of platforms conversions),
- what is the dev setup they had?
- any Gods 2 sequel that was planned right after Gods was out?
- and also I hope any hints on a new Gods game.

Can they do an actual Gods game sequel Kickstarter?
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