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Originally Posted by Jacques View Post
Disregard, pls. I managed to compile EmuTOS with AROS=1 by myself using Cygwin

Originally Posted by Jacques View Post
Unfortunately while A: disk drive is now working for me on Amiga500 with ACA500, I can't make it see CF card in ACA500's A600-compatible IDE port.
Currently, the IDE controller detection is quite poor.
There is a flag named has_gayle, it should be accurately detected with AROS=1.
But there is a big approximation in bios/ide.c, at the top of detect_ide():
has_ide = has_gayle ? 1 : 0;

I suspect you to have no Gayle on your A500.
Try to force has_ide = 1 there, that should not hurt.

IDE support worked fine on Gibs' Blizzard A1260.
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