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I wonder how those countries that have the idea of "if maker tried to protect from copying" would treat those old time copy protection things like for example Monkey Island 2 or F/A 18 - Interceptor had where you had this carbon disc which you were supposed to align in accordance to instructions on screen to find the password to type or something similar.

So while maker have put no copy protection to the disk itself, that you could simply use workbenck copy command to copy the whole disk, there however was copy protection inside the game itself which had been made by purpose of aviding game being copied.

edit: two more games came to my mind.

1. In Faerytale adventure there was this "Make haste, but take...?" and then the answer. Although these were available from manual, they were quite easy to figure out.
2. In Battletech you had to answer three questions right, which were such that it showed you some specific part of a battlemech, and you had to know what that part was called from (pick right one from list of part names). Basically you were supposed to watch from picture in manual, but hese were to some extent quessable again.

another edit:

Came to my mind example that could theoretically happen. Suppose this kind of copy protection would fall under the "maker tried to make copy protection" - category. It could become a situation where some museum for example would want to preserve all the games they can legally preserve. By other words, they would go through all Amiga games, and make copies of all the games they can using just workbench.

Then there comes faerytale adventure. It got copied nice, but... if you start the game, you see the copy protection. Perhaps museum does this and they notice it and dispose their illegal copy. But then comes the Battletech. You would actually need to play for a while before the copy protection comes, and especially if its just some summer help, he might not even realise it is a copy protection, but might think it is genuine part of the game, for it does make sense in every way it is there. After all, you are in Battlemech school, and you are taking another class of Battletech studies, hence you need to answer these questions right. Perhaps the answers are somewhere elsewhere in the game, and summer help stops playing. But. Now they broke the law.

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