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Originally Posted by AVH_2009 View Post
Hi Toni,
you do an awesome job!

But when will it be possible to get PC Drives mountet with WinUAE under OS 4.x (PPC)? Is there any way to get usb or cd-drives to work? Ore other removable drives like under OS3.9 in the emulation?
Same answer: not without help from OS4 developers who knows it inside out. Without NDAs etc. Probably never going to happen.

CD (virtual low level emulators or physical) can be already mounted. Just add it as ATAPI (mainboard IDE) or SCSI (PPC board SCSI) CD.

Originally Posted by deck_scoopex View Post
Hi Toni and thanks for the awesome work you are doing! A couple of bugs I've found;
Read first post more carefully, I don't think these have anything to do with 3.1 betas..

- The audio filter is working "backwards" when it is on Emulated state. Most, if not basically all demos and games kept the LPF off, however UAE is keeping it on by default.
I can't duplicate. Note that part of filter is always active, even when power led is off. It is impossible to get crystal clear sound (especially if A500) without hardware modifications. (A500 has quite a lot filtering active even when led is off, A1200 disables most of the filter when led is off)

- If you keep "Disable frame rate limit" checked on Output, it will not record silence on the audiotrack, it seems to start recording only after _some_ sound is outputted, which naturally leads to some interesting audio/video timings. Tested with PCM audio + Intel IYUV.
Probably true but this may or may not change soon because recording is one of the lowest ever priority feature...
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