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Originally Posted by modrobert View Post
If you actually manage to do 1:1 (perfect) backups you are not defeating anything since the copy protection itself also resides on the backup media, still within your legal right to make personal backups.
Only if your local jurisdiction permits you to do so - this is AFAIK only allowed in some European states and the UK. In the US it's illegal.

This seems to be hard for some people to grasp:

If you make a 1:1 perfect copy, then you have circumvented copy protection. That protection is there to prevent you from making copies, and you have circumvented it. There's no way around it - under the DMCA this is illegal. It doesn't matter how you do it, if a method (such as cracking, using a Kryoflux etc) allows you to make a copy that the publisher specifically tried to prevent you from making then you are breaking the law under the DMCA.

How many more ways are there to say the same thing?

Edit: If the copyright holder exists in a country or state where the DMCA is enforced then it doesn't matter where you are - they can attempt to prosecute. Whether or not your home country honours the prosecution will vary - in the UK they will allow the prosecution to go ahead. In Spain they will not. It depends on the international relations between the two countries.

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