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Originally Posted by Dunny View Post
Yes. It's called copy protection for a reason. The DMCA is very clear about this - if you use any method to defeat copy protection - you know, the methods that the original publishers used to prevent you from making a copy - then you will fall foul of the law.

Using Kryoflux in and of itself is not illegal. Using it to make backups of software you already own is not illegal in the UK. Using it to copy other people's disks that you don't own is illegal under the DMCA.

End of.

If you actually manage to do 1:1 (perfect) backups you are not defeating anything since the copy protection itself also resides on the backup media, still within your legal right to make personal backups.

On the other hand, if you are backing up your media using a consumer product like a burner (or Amiga floppy drive), and you circumvent the protection in order to load this inferior backup (as it is not 1:1), then the law applies.

Granted, having people creating perfect 1:1 backups of their modern games would be the ultimate nightmare for ESA, especially since it is legal to do so.

BTW: Does the DMCA really apply in the UK? (If so, my condolences.)

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