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Originally Posted by britelite View Post
AmIRC (...)
Actually, there was an attempt at open sourcing AmIRC, and if I remember correctly, the original authors of OS3 version agreed to release the source. Even project was created for this purpose.

But then, other people who contributed some source code, bug fixes etc. for MorphOS port came and torpedoed the release.

From legal point of view, they had the rights to block the release, since if you want to release the source under a single license (let's say slap the GPL on top of the whole project), all of the authors that ever contributed need to agree. Anyway the project to open source AmIRC failed miserably.

My educated guess is that the real cause was "oh no, we can't let AmIRC become open, since then these evil OS4 people will also get the new version that we worked so hard to patch up".

Now, I don't remember the whole story. If anyone remembers the exact details, feel free to correct me.

Found (english) summary of the whole affair on

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