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Censor it and upload to something members only in the censored name of or something like that. Or wait for a TOSEC update with loads of games in a zip I doubt Smurfs would bother with the signing up to any sites just to look at a TOSEC update for the file.

They just wanted to attack a website with it in your face head on and wouldn't even bother to look for it in a TOSEC zip just like the TCP which don't bother looking through zip files but attack single files they can see in their face head on.

Why those TCP's want people to still pay for old relic games that nobody brought anyway is beyond me they might as well make their games free now as AMIGA games are for hobbys now and no longer marketable for profit.

And PYUO are stupid for counting a free PD game as something selling their lisence.

I bet their claim was towards the text that said sounds ripped from the film as the sound from the film they would care about being true copyright breaking.

The Smurfs may have been crudly drawn by yourself so they are custom Smurfs that don't really bare likeness to the originals but if the sounds are ripped from the film you are in a bit of trouble there mate as those would be true copyright breaking so I think that may be what they got you for Hip.

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