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Originally Posted by Thorham View Post
While it's certainly not too much, you can't live on that if your market is hundreds of people. People should consider the fact that there's not much money to be made in Amiga software. Developing Amiga software is something you do because you enjoy doing it, any money you get out of it is just a bonus.
I think work is work, no matter how many people would enjoy a product.

Financial model is a different thing, so the producer may want / should want to take its intended market, how big or how small it is.

But what, a developer should not - never ever! - wish to make some money, even a small amount of it, just because he worked from his bedroom in his free hours and the product done could not ever be the 100% of his income?

No, worse than that, if you enjoy doing a thing, then you should do it for free?
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