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The nice thnig is that there's always one country where it's not "hacking", but "creating a private backup". German law grants the "Recht auf Privatkopie" (a right to create a copy for yourself), but also punishes "einen wirksamen Kopierschutz umgehen" (to bypass effective copy-protection).

Yes, the law wording is really that funny: it's illegal to bypass effective copy-protection. In my understanding (I'm not a lawyer!), that part of the law is totally void, because if I can bypass a copy-protection, it's not effective any more.

Trouble is, if you ask questions, you get lots of answers, and if you ask lawyers, they may always find something. However, we still use Wireshark and disassemblers, although German law has effectively made them illegal. In those terms, it may even be illegal to use a framebuffer to convert a video picture to a flatscreen-compatible signal, because I'm creating a digital copy of a picture that may be copyrighted. Heaven forbid it shows a smurf!

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