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Well there is no correct answer here other than that its obvious that people feel differently in this matter.. there are those who spend a lot o time and effort to create something for this 20+ year old platform and then there are those that don't.

Pure software emulation IS the *logical* alternative. We could probably agree on that. But as I said before, for me something gets "lots in translation" and I quickly lose interest in the whole thing.

The new FPGA projects are interesting for a different reason. For me, the fascination lies in the fact that we can finally get something that could have happened but never did. I was fully aware about the AAA chipset development back 1992 or so and used to tell my PC bud who would bash the Amiga "just wait and see when AAA comes out" or something like that.. obviously that never happened but now, a handful of enthusiasts can make it happen and for some reason, I think thats nice. ;-) (EDIT: I'm not saying someone is actually doing AAA in FPGA, rather I'm referring to projects such as the SuperAGA)

As for the original topic of this thread, I don't think anyone is expecting GeForce 980 in their Amiga. Rather something that would give us an affordable Picasso 96 RTG board with a modern flicker free output to monitors. If it was a new BlizzardVision that doesn't require a PPC card, that would be enough.

So lets forget the amount of FPS Quake should be played at and remember that there actually were a lot of 3rd party graphics cards available for the Amiga all along. Its not an abomination to equip the A1200 with one. All it takes is a design that fits in the desktop case.

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